Japanese Name ももな
Romanized Name Momona
English Name Momona
Gender Female
Partner Ruby
Occupation Ladyjewel Candidate
Species Human
Home World Jewel Land
First Appearance
Debut A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go !
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Keiko Kobayashi


Momona is seen to bee a happy go lucky person that tries her best when she is commented. She does play around and try to have fun. She truly cares for others well being. However, she is naive. Momona really cares about the people she loves, like for example, Cayenne.


Momona has two side buns near the top of her hair along with her prominent pink polka dot bow tilted onto one side bun. Her pink hair reaches to her lower back, while she an amber eyes and a  light skin tone. She is normally seen wearing a light pink sailor top and a black skirt that stops near the top of her thighs,with a pink cardigan tied over it. She is is also seen with dark brown shoes and a beaded pink bracelet ,her general color scheme is pink.

But While in her Lady outfit she is seen wearing a large pink victorian dress that goes to the floor. With hot pink bows and ruffles at the end of her dress and near her breast is a hot pink heart.


While attending her Cousin's wedding, she met his wife, Lady Diana who later on motivates her to become a Lady. Momona was also selected as a Lady candidate by Ruby at the wedding.


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