Japanese Name Luea
Romanized Name Luea
English Name Luea
Gender Female
Partner Lillian
Occupation Mentor for Lillian
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Home World Jewel World
First Appearance
Debut A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go !
Voice Actress/Actor
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Luea (ルーア Rūa?) is a Dutch rabbit Jewelpet and overall the 41st debuting character in the franchise, first appearing on Lady Jewelpet as the Jewelpet Partner of Lillian.


Luea is very sarcastic towards Ruby. She has feelings and emotions she doesn't tell anyone about the disappearance of Lady Diana. She keeps Lillian as a puppet, indicating her sly person inside her. She also wants the best for Lillian, so she could also be viewed as caring, but she takes it a bit too far.


Luea appears to be the same as Ruby, but only colored black and white and having two pink heart patterns on her body: one below her left eye and one on her left leg. Her jewel eyes are all made of Blue Apatite and wears a purple butterfly hair clip and a garland of indigo roses on her neck.


Her previous partner before Lillian was Diana who married Momona's cousin.