Japanese Name リリアン
Romanized Name Ririan
English Name Lillian
Gender Female
Partner Lua
Occupation Ladyjewel Candidate
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
First Appearance
Debut A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go !
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Risa Taneda


She seems to have a calm and quiet personality but it seems that when it has to involve Cayenne,she seems to speaks out  and become some what outgoing and outspoken . At first, she seems very cold. But, later she opens her heart to Momona and her friends. In her heart, like Momona describes Lillian and Cayenne: they are strict and may seem like bullies at first, but they are kind.


Lillian is seen to have dark purple hair that curves near her lower back straight bangs ad a yellow ribbon going through the top of her hair. She is seen to be wearing black purple dress with a purple rim and pencil skirt reaching her thighs. The top of her dresses are white ruffled sleeves on her chest is a yellow butterfly with a purple rim on the outside. She has a light skin tone and dark purple eyes. Her theme seems to be a butterflies.


Lillian and her brother, Cayenne lived without their parents. 


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  • Seems to have feelings for Cayenne, but later says that it may not be the romantic type of love and that she doesn't know.