A Lovely Meal for Upcoming Ladies
Episode 04
Episode Information
Kanji Ohimesama dakko wa redinotashinami
English A Lovely Meal for Upcoming Ladies
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 26, 2014
Opening Your Love by M-Three
Ending RUN with U by Fairies
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A Lady shines on stage! Ladies-to-be, spend a Romantic Night..


Momona dreaming about Cayenne. In her dream Cayenne made her a confession of love where he explains the roses symbolize but she's wake up. She told his friends about her dream when Mizuki went and ask Cayenne about what the roses symbolize but he don't know. It's time to take the task but when lady Boot says she'll do fine, Mizuki become worried. After, Lady Momona, Lady Mizuki and Lady Charon choose their clothes for the task. Finally, just Lady Mizuki and Lady Lilian we success the task.

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