A Lovely Meal for Upcoming Ladies
Episode 02
Episode Information
Kanji Reditaru mono suteki ni o shokuji
English A Lovely Meal for Upcoming Ladies
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 12, 2014
Opening Your Love by M-Three
Ending RUN with U by Fairies
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A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go! A Lady Shines on Stage!


Momona is training.Lady Lilian went to ask Cayenne if he really kiss Momona.At this time,Lady Momona not sure did she kissing Cayenne,she's asking her new friends(Lady Mizuki and Lady Charon) to go asking Cayenne about but he found her behind a lot of roses.To train Momona used the magical Letterpen to hear advice Lady Diana.The time of the task is coming but Lady Momona is angry after Cayenne why she's asking ruby to choose another partners for her .During the task,Lady Momona fell on Cayenne but their pass the task. After the task,Lady Momona went to talk to Cayenne when she's saw his with Lady Lilian.

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Cayenne blushed when Lady Momona smiling.