A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go
Episode 01
Episode Information
Kanji Redi no tashinami redi gō!
English A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 5, 2014
Opening Your Love by M-Three
Ending RUN with U by Fairies
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Momona is longing to see her older cousin getting married .During the reception, she meets and is huged by the bride Lady Diana then transported to a new world called Jewel Land and into the prestigious Jewel Palace alongside other girls. She then met Ruby for the first time, receiving a pen-like item from her. As Ruby told her to become a Lady Jewel Candidate so she can be crowned a Lady Jewel, Momona has some tough decisions if she can do it. Afterward she is sent on her first test to pass with grace. It is where she then meets Kaien things start off rocky until Momonna hears encouraging word from  Lady Diana via letter and decides to pass the test and be "A lady that is able to love herself". Near the end of the test she trips on Ruby's orb and seems to kiss Kaien. Later that night she is confunted by Lillian who tells her to stay away from Kaien.

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  • It is unkown if Kaien and Momona kissed