Kaien fullbody
Japanese Name カイエン
Romanized Name Kaien
English Name Cayenne
Gender Male
Occupation Prince
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First Appearance
Debut A Lady's Etiquette, Ready Go !
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Kenji Nojima


In his heart,Momona describes Lillian and Cayenne: they are strict and may seem like bullies at first, but they are kind.

Appearance Edit

Cayenne is a light skinned handsome young man that has brown eyes and dark blue hair. He wears a red jacket and covers it with a black, gray and white vest with monochrome/dark red pants and brown pants


He and Momona like hot dogs. Lillian and him are siblings and lived without there parents when they were growing up. He was at peace when he met the previous Lady Jewel and wanted to make people feel that way ever since. He transferred to the Royal Palace.